About Me

Artist by blessing, entrepreneur by choice and looking to perceive world in new ways. For me the brush is mightier than the pen or the sword.


Mysterious patterns that connect seemingly unrelated phenomena inspire me the most.

My Philosophy

Everyday I am born anew with the sun and every night I sleep in my grave. A life without yesterdays and tomorrows.

My Philosophy

My Passports

Bitten by the travel bug, I’ve experienced the dusty mines of the Peruvian mountains to the lush vine-yards of sun-kissed Italy. My work definitely has taken me places!

On my Easel

Working with colors is healing and meditative. It aligns me with my higher self. It gives me the most joyful life possible.

The mic and pen

I am neither a poet nor a writer. Words are just a metamorphism of the colours that have spilt from my palatte.


Spiritualism for me is a way of life


Every journey starts and ends here. Forever blessed to have a support system as strong as this one.


Things I wish I was better at