I am a cactus, the plant that I never wanted to be

After contemplation and divination.

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She wandered slowly alone

With a blend of charming and tranquil moves

Gently poking her head out, Gazing and perceiving

Through the green grass and cracked pavements With her beautiful, elegant shell weaved on her body.

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Time has sucked away all the mercury from my mirror

Leaving the mirror as a mere glass

Which cannot reflect my memories Just like me, a mere glass

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My Blue Bells

Painting my blue bells

That bloomed in this summer

With the mightiest power

To soothe my soul

On the canvas of my life

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True Existence

My heart misses a beat

Fluttering of Butterflies in me

Silence creeps in

Its not just series of words,

Nor its just splashes of colors

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Priceless Possession

Priceless possession

My mother’s womb my warm cocoon

The fragile thread that connected me to my existence

Loneliness an expression of demise

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In front of the mirror

Bewildered with the reflection

She asked herself-who am I?

Loss of identity.

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A Rainbow of Friendship

Sitting here and thinking how

my life much richer is now

Rainbows created my imagination

as it arched across the sky

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My twin soul

When I saw you for the first time

My thoughts fill the space in between us

Two forms, two faces, two poles of life

Yet I felt the togetherness

My heart dances with the rhythm with stars

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My Pearl of Wisdom

Beyond perception, beyond time

In the abode of unforeseen galaxies

Immersed in a realm of violet light

Within my mind, within my heart

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Celebration of Life

Red, green, yellow and pink

A riot of colors around me

Colors of life

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Every time I look, into your sparkling eyes

It is just the same as the first look,

That etched itself, into my memory.

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A hello

Gazing through the window

Waiting to hear your voice amid the whisper of wind

A Secret wish that holds my life

Looking at my sad and intense eyes

When you pass by; you will say a Hello

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I take you

Out of the deep shadows of reality

To the beautiful world of moon light

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Dreams to Reality

The wild sun above had fired his furnace

While the moon and the wind smiled in cold nights

I dragged myself, crept, hung upside down

Entrapped in the darkness

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Pain and Joy

Pain and joy

Conflict of a dual life

The first drop of warm blood

Heals all the wound and pain

First look quenched my soul’s thirst An unending joy of my heart.

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Seasons of emotions

Pain and joy

Slumbering under a wet blanket

On a bright summer day

Douses the sparkles of sensations

Making life dull and dark.

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Six yards

Pain and joy

In the vermillion of the setting sun

I bloomed like the moon with a red edge

Mother’s voice sounded like little raindrops Slipping down my trembling skin

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Queen of the ocean

Pain and joy

I am the radiant Queen of the deep Ocean

Corridors of life are etched on my shell

With endless spirals entailing infinity

I possess this paradise of life

Hidden eternally in the blankets of blue waves

Color of my magnificence shines

Upon the crashing waves spreading Wisdom

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Pain and joy

Venus, beauty of the universe

She stood tall and majestic

Her femininity is set to the sensuous curves

Hiding under the fullness of her breast.

She places her utmost virtue of self-esteem.

Amazed by her grace, gorgeous in every way But the vital elements unseen.

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The Silence

Silence of the vibration of conception

The silence of first movement

From un-manifest to the manifest

Detonating the womb in golden color

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My Bangles

My vibrant precious bangles

An expression of my silence

Shaded with the tints of rainbow

Enriched with sparkling stars,

Stolen from my memories Coloring my fascination

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Misty eyes with secret smiles

That meant the world to me,

Uttered harsh words

Unheard sweet voice

I ‘m letting go.

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Visions beyond my eyes,

I see no imperfections.

Afar from the Buzzes of life,

I hear a silence,

That has never been so loud.

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When the early evening breeze

broke the sun’s blaze

Sprinkling White and grey hair

I paused and I stayed still

Recalling the fizzes

Filled with memories

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Cosmic Dancers

In the Cooling showers of morning glory

I swayed with my twin flame

Adoring the fiery red waves

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Celestial Lover

Through my wide open window

He gleamed with angelic grandeur

On his chariot with ten white horses

Bathed me in his streaks of lustrous silver

Filling me with the nectar of emotions

Intoxicating with an ecstasy of his smile.

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My handsome mate

Sitting beneath the bloomed Jacaranda

Dreaming to dance with him side by side

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Metaphors of life

The Pink, the little girl that I could never be

While on her way to be red

Coloring the sunset red, on my skyline With all the fire and passion

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While my Blank canvas

Murmurs riddles and unspoken words

Heart and toes of mine taps to the silence

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