I'm an

Artist & Entrepreneur

Creative Strategist

Spiritual Traveller

I have a diverse and extensive career spanning 30 years, during which I have gained multifunctional experience across various sectors.


My projects are mirrors of my passion, which are reflections beyond a mere string of words or strokes of the brush. They are an exhilarating art of expression, woven together by my plentiful imagination, emotions, dreams, and hopes, brought to life by my love for it.


Nakshatras encapsulates the correlation that exists between the journey of the moon and the soul.

Prakrithi & Purusha

Prakriti & Purusha is an expression in divine colours of the universal duality of Purusha that is life, and Prakriti that is matter.


The Chausat (64) Yoginis celebrates the highest forms of Shakthi, in a joyful awakening of femininity and creative forces.

Energising Spaces

I energise spaces through my art, transforming them into productive environments that attract prosperity and stability.

My Creations

An eclectic bouquet of expressions that resonates from my experiences with the ever-changing world around me.


Lasting impressions from those that joyney with me
Artist, Entrepreneur

"I am blessed to be an artist and driven to succeed as an entrepreneur, using the power of my creativity and determination to create meaningful change and inspire others."

Would you like to energize the space around you?

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Creative Strategist

I bring my spiritual and creative quotient, and networking to corporate boardrooms, and facilitate global business breakthroughs with highly nuanced solutions.

Spiritual Traveller

The deeper you dwell within to understand oneself taking you to places connecting the divine that heals and rejuvenates.

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