My spiritual fundamentals stem from expertise in Reiki, an ancient energy healing method. Since I was already an experienced artist, my spiritual mentor prompted research into the prevention and control of dementia through my art. It led to understanding the relationship between philosophy and psychology, with art stimulating all five senses. Through my exploration of the connections between art, philosophy, and psychology, I have been able to tap into a deeper level of creativity and understanding on a metaphysical plane, which has elevated my art and expanded my perception to a new level of being.

The multisensory nature of art triggers the development of stronger neural pathways. The research becomes apparent in my paintings, which comprise colours and patterns that influence the mind and soul of the observer.

I have constantly been searching for my calling and my life’s purpose. This search urged me to trust the flow of events and take risks. It spurred me to become a creative strategist, taking my creativity and spirituality to the world of business. When travelling forward in life, I also travel inward, discovering a new me at every turn and venture. Finally, I take the learnings and disseminate them to those that travel the same path I once did, with an intuitive wisdom that has sparked global change

My spirituality is not limited to the rites and rituals of Hinduism. Instead, it is a journey inward, exploring the energies of sacred spaces. For me, visiting these spaces is not just about praying but also about encountering different energies of a higher form. My travels are often intuitive and not very planned, as I believe I am part of a master plan that has connected me to the right network of energies. My spirituality is more about experiencing and understanding the powers around me rather than following specific religious traditions.

About Beena Unnikrishnan

My Professional Journey

I have a diverse and extensive career spanning 30 years, during which I have gained multifunctional experience across various sectors. I began my career in 1992 as an academic, and in 2022 I reached a point where I am an entrepreneur, a healing practitioner, and a filmmaker.

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On my Easel

Working with colors is healing and meditative. It aligns me with my higher self. It gives me the most joyful life possible.

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The mic and pen

I am neither a poet nor a writer. Words are just a metamorphism of colors that have split from my palette.

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My Passports

Bitten by the travel bug, I’ve experienced the dusty mines of the Peruvian mountains to the lush vine-yards of sun-kissed Italy. My work definitely has taken me places!

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A beautiful strong thread knitted by my inner self, the present me and my higher self connecting the world

My Professional Journey
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Mysterious patterns that connect seemingly unrelated phenomena inspire me the most.

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Every journey starts and ends here. Forever blessed to have a support system as strong as this one.

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My Philosophy

Everyday I am born new with the sun and every night I sleep in my grave. A life without yesterdays and tomorrows.

Artist, Entrepreneur

"I am blessed to be an artist and driven to succeed as an entrepreneur, using the power of my creativity and determination to create meaningful change and inspire others."

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Creative Strategist

I bring my spiritual and creative quotient, and networking to corporate boardrooms, and facilitate global business breakthroughs with highly nuanced solutions.

Spiritual Traveller

The deeper you dwell within to understand oneself taking you to places connecting the divine that heals and rejuvenates.

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