Six Yards

In the vermillion of the setting sunI bloomed like the moon with a red edgeMother’s voice sounded like little raindropsSlipping…
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My Handsome Mate

Sitting beneath the bloomed JacarandaDreaming to dance with him side by sideI breathed in the trace of himLeaving the fragrance…
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Metaphors of Life

The Pink, the little girl that I could never beWhile on her way to be redColoring the sunset red, on…
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When the early evening breezebroke the sun’s blazeSprinkling White and grey hairI paused and I stayed stillRecalling the fizzesFilled with…
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While my Blank canvasMurmurs riddles and unspoken wordsHeart and toes of mine taps to the silenceThe brush dances along with…
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I take youOut of the deep shadows of realityTo the beautiful world of moon lightYou revive in this spanking new…
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Cosmic Dancers

In the Cooling showers of morning gloryI swayed with my twin flameAdoring the fiery red wavesMesmerized with rhythms of his…
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Celestial Lover

Through my wide open windowHe gleamed with angelic grandeurOn his chariot with ten white horsesBathed me in his streaks of…
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Visions beyond my eyes,I see no imperfections.Afar from the Buzzes of life,I hear a silence,That has never been so loud.Beneath…
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Stomp them Grapes

Lonnie Melvin Tillis “Stomp them Grapes” makes my heart swing with this memory. “Naples”– an unforgettable experience, When my business…
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Heaven in the Mountains

The beauty of this place is much beyond my words – As Albert Einstein said Look deep into nature, and…
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A Blessed Evening in Spain

After a busy day with official meetings, I had two days off in Barcelona -a weekend. A very artistic energy-filled…
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