A Tribute to the Sacred Feminine

The Yogini is this sacred feminine force, and always manifests in groups of 64, and seeks the path of enlightenment. She takes mortal form, with all the attributes of Shakthi, blurring the lines between human and divine. The Chausat (64) Yoginis is an attempt that brings oneness with the Goddess.

The series of 64 paintings are an artistic and spiritual experience that awakens the consciousness and strengthens the connection with the divine feminine. The series is complete and will have its debut at a prestigious Art Exhibition in the coming months.

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Y64 - Whispers of the Unseen - Documentary

"Y-64 "Whispers of Unseen" is a mesmerizing and contemplative documentary that invites audiences to embark on a captivating journey into India's rich and proud culture. Through the lens of the narrator, viewers are gracefully guided through an extraordinary artistic and spiritual odyssey, delving into the profound connections between imagination, trust, prophecy, and blessings—all deeply rooted in their deep love for Lalitha Tripura Sundari, the universal feminine Power.

The documentary is directed by Jain Joseph and he played a pivotal role in reframing Beena Unnikrishnan's thoughts, experiences, and perspective to gain a comprehensive understanding. He seamlessly intertwined her introspections on her spiritual journey and the fundamental principles of ancient practices.

This documentary beautifully showcases the narrator's transformative voyage as they meticulously paint the sixty-four yoginis. Their unwavering trust in the universe and insatiable curiosity drive them to unravel mysterious patterns and tap into the Power of the unknown energy, ultimately leading to an inner awakening and a profound reconnection with harmonious feminine energy.

As viewers embark on this profound journey, they are encouraged to interpret the experience uniquely while honouring the diverse religious practices and spiritual paths embraced by people worldwide. In a world diligently pursuing gender equality, the documentary celebrates the exquisite beauty of coexistence and the unity of masculine and feminine energies. It unveils the latent Power of manifestation in every individual's life while highlighting the importance of comprehending and harnessing the feminine creative force.

Intertwined with this spiritual representation is a remarkable voyage to the splendid temples of India, offering a more profound and simplified understanding of Srividya—an ancient tantric system of Hinduism. This yogini culture, dating back to the second century, was the foundational system for Indian kingdoms, intricately designed with layers and a relentless focus on manifestations, powerhouses, and protection.

The embodiment of feminine divine energy culminates in the profound realization that the journey has come full circle, leading to self-realization through complete surrender. "Awakening the Divine Within" is an enlightening exploration of spirituality, creativity, and the universal forces that shape our lives. It invites international audiences to immerse themselves in the rich Indian culture and wisdom.

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Teaser Launch at Cannes Film Festival 2023

Her Work Showcases feminine Power of Yogini Goddesses of the 9th Century
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Whispers of the Unseen: The Quest for Sixty-Four Yoginis redefines spirituality beyond conventional religious norms, rituals, and practices. It attempts to forge a connection with the essence of life and take the reader through a spiritual exploration of the dynamic interplay and union of masculine and feminine energies.

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Whispers of the Unseen

The Quest For Sixty-Four Yoginis

S. Beena Unnikrishnan

Through her paintings, the artist-author revisits the cultural significance, richness, and symbolism of the sixty-four yoginis. The narrative delves deep into the realm of feminine power, drawing out the most pivotal manifestation of its expressive role in our lives. By doing so, it succeeds in integrating the practices of spirituality into our everyday existence. It prods readers to relish life’s simple moments and to cherish the intersectionality of quotidian life. This will allow them access to ancient spiritual practices in contemporary time, leading to increased awareness and mindfulness in daily life. It encourages readers to embrace connecting with the divine, tapping into a higher power and uncovering the creative force within.

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