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Heaven in the Mountains

Heaven in the Mountains

The beauty of this place is much beyond my words – As Albert Einstein said Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. This is what I felt in the Mountains of the Rila in Bulgaria. Unbelievably astounding, you can feel your soul here. This is a true blend of the two -nature plunged in spiritual energy and expression of artistic influence over the Eastern Orthodox world during medieval times. Rila Monastery of Bulgaria is situated in the southwestern Rila mountains and it is named after its founder, the hermit. This remarkable complex is located in midst of Rila Monastery Nature Park, a protected area of pristine forest.

When you enter the Rila Monastery, the first thing you notice is the monastery itself. We cannot stop our eyes from falling on the beautiful mist-swirled mountainous backdrop. It is like stepping into a different realm. It is very refreshing when the cool breeze brush through us.

Black, red, white striped archways and the bright yellow domes of the monastery were invoking the creative energy in me. The interior of the monastery is striking, walls and domes are filled with historic frescoes. The frescoes were painted by famous Bulgarian artists including the brothers, Zahari Zograf and Dimitar Zograf. There are several grand gold altars inside the monastery. The friend who suggested visiting the Rila told me one thing: Not to miss the golden chandelier in the center of the monastery. He has asked to stand underneath the same and meditate. It was unbelievable. The whole energy of the place is channelized through that. You really can feel the energy shower. I was not feeling to move out of that point.

There is a museum in the Monastery that you can visit for a nominal fee. Inside you will see frescos, tapestries, Bibles, and priests vestments. It was very interesting to see the ancient water heating systems, Utensils which reflected the technology that they used to live in such a place.

You cannot miss the only small restaurant which has an incredible view of the Monastery and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant’s patio is built over a vigorous brook so neatly. The meal was incredibly delicious, I couldn’t have dreamt of a better home-style lunch at Rila Monastery.

Even though I was so overwhelmed by such a beautiful mystic place visit, I have to say that I have missed the experience of tranquillity after visitors’ hours. After reaching, I learned that you can spend a night and you can explore the hiking trails that begin there. Staying for the night in the monastery is going to doubtlessly be a spiritual experience and enjoy the silence of the night. I left there with a thought that there is going to be the next time.

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